John Mayer Surprises Fan & Buys Her a Guitar!

John Mayer Surprises Fan & Buys Her a Guitar!

Its no secret that musical instruments can be quite expensive, so when 16-year-old Julie Fermin saw an Epiphone acoustic guitar on the wall at her local guitar shop, she figured it was out of reach.

However, moments later John Mayer walked in with Katy Perry and began chatting with Miss Fermin about her musical aspirations. What happened next was literally a dream come true.

Julie explained that Mayer asked her to point out her favorite guitar in the store. I showed him, and he went over and checked the guitar”s price. I said, Yup, but I can”t afford it, and he said, Oh, stop it!

After she snapped some pics with John, Katy and her friends, Fermin said goodbye and remained in the store to let the shock wear off, though it wasnt long before a worker came over to give her some exciting news.

He told me, Well, you should get more excited, because John Mayer just bought you that guitar!” I was so shocked. I started crying and screaming. I cannot describe all the emotions I felt at that moment. I just knew I was the luckiest and happiest person alive.

Following the encounter, Julie tweeted, I never in my life thought I”d meet and get to talk to Katy Perry and John Mayer… I literally thought it was impossible. FOREVER MIND BLOWN.