John Mayer Spins Born and Raised for Fans

John Mayer
He isn”t able to sing live, but John Mayer can still paint a picture with words – and that”s exactly what he did Wednesday evening at Electric Lady Studios in N.Y.C.

Hosting an intimate advance spin at the legendary studio, the singer-songwriter gave fans a glimpse into the conception of Born and Raised, out May 22.

“I wrote “Age of Worry” there, I wrote “Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey” there, I wrote “Born and Raised,” Mayer explained, pointing to a couch nestled in the corner of Studio C.

“I”ve done four or five of these [listening parties] but this is definitely the most special because this is where the record was made.”

“I”m just so proud that it”s almost out,” he adds. “There comes a time making a record that you forget anyone is ever going to hear it because it seems so far off.”

Although he”s unable to tour behind Born and Raised, Mayer, 34, says he plans to hit the studio this summer in the hope that he”ll have two albums to take on the road next year.

“I”ve been thinking I”ll record in July and August. I”m already writing – I”ve got nothing else to do,” he notes. “Like any other job, you finish a project – you start another project.” 

“Whether or not I can sing, there”s a way I can see the world right now that I won”t again,” continues Mayer. “And if you”re a writer, you write the way you can see the world at that moment.”

– Sarah Michaud