John Mayer Rocks Out in Sao Paulo

John Mayer Rocks Out in Sao Paulo

Hitting up another venue on his Paradise Valley tour, John Mayer took to the stage in Sao Paulo, Brazil last night (September 19).

The “Daughters” hitmaker rocked an all-denim ensemble while performing his past and new tunes.

As previously reported by GossipCenter, John”s on-and-off girlfriend, Katy Perry, recently revealed her favorite artist to listen to while getting frisky.

“Who doesn”t love Drake Drake is so sensitive but yet still so cool. It”s a very hard balance to find sometimes,” the “Roar” songstress explained. “Emotional guys that are sensitive but strong and Drake is definitely that kind of guy.”

Katy continued, “And he really hit home on this next one called “Hold On.” I think it”s beautiful. It sounds a little bit like kind of old vibey Lionel Richie [or] The Weeknd.It”s sexy as hell. And I listen to it with my boyfriend, so I would suggest listening to it with whoever you wanna make out with.”