John Mayer & Katy Perry: Tour Bus Buddies in NYC

John Mayer & Katy Perry: Tour Bus Buddies in NYC

Taking a break from their luxury bus digs, John Mayer and Katy Perry grabbed their bags and strolled away from their tour coach in New York City on Wednesday (August 28).

Usually happy to pose for the paparazzi, the I Kissed a Girl songstress shielded her face as her No Such Thing boyfriend led the way to their destination.

Mayer has been touring for his new album Paradise Valley this summer, though hes noticed that his new mature vibe has evoked a different reaction in his fans.

During a recent gig, John told the audience, Its a weird thing to grow up in front of you guys. I wonder if anyone cares or connects. It”s really uneasy.”

He continued, “Not worrying is a skill. It”s a skill not breaking down every single moment, speaking to yourself as your biggest critic that doesn”t exist.”