John Clark Gable DUI Arrest — I Wasn’t Drunk, But I Did Black Out Before Multi-Car Wreck

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The son of Hollywood legend Clark Gable claims he was not drinking alcohol before the multi-car wreck that led to his DUI arrest — but does admit he went unconscious … and says he has a history of brain aneurysms. 

our sources broke the story … John Clark Gable was busted Tuesday in Malibu after allegedly smashing into 6 parked cars on Pacific Coast Highway.

Gable tells us he lost consciousness … and says the last thing he remembers is getting cut off by a van, and when he woke up he had hit a phone pole.

Gable claims he “absolutely was not drinking” … and says the only medication he”s currently taking is for a minor leg injury from mountain biking.

However, Gable says he had 2 small brain aneurysms –weak bulging spots on the wall of an artery — back in 2006 and another in 2009.

Brain aneurysms can be fatal, but Gable says he had corrective surgery both times.

Gable says he”s going to a doctor to get his head checked out ASAP — but stresses he doesn”t know yet if an aneurysm was behind yesterday”s accident.

Gable”s blood alcohol level was tested after the crash — but the results have not been released.