Joey Fatone — I Probably DID Fart During VMA Performance

Exclusive 082713_joey_fatone_launch_v3Joey Fatone tells our sources … Kevin Hart was probably right — there”s a decent chance he DID let one rip during the *NSYNC reunion at the MTV VMAs.

Fatone arrived back to L.A. yesterday — where we immediately grilled him for LYING TO OUR FACES in the days before the show …when he told us he wasn”t in NYC for a surprise performance.

Of course, Fatone insisted he wasn”t lying — that he really was in NYC for a birthday party and not for the VMAs … but c”mon man!!!!! (Your pal Chris already admitted the plan was in motion a couple of weeks ago. Busted!!!).

But back to the mystery fart … Joey says if he did blast one during the VMAs (as Kevin joked in the moments following the performance) Fatone says there”s a reason the comic would know … and it all has to do with Kevin”s height (5″4″).

Check out the clip.