Joey Fatone Denies Marriage Troubles: "We're Fine"

Joey Fatone Denies Marriage Troubles:

Coinciding with the recent attention from his reunion with “NSYNC at the 2013 Video Music Awards, rumors are currently being spread about Joey Fatone.

Addressing divorce reports made about he and his wife Kelly Baldwin, the former boy bander tells Omg! Insider, “We”re still married… kids are great. I”m deeply upset about that. We”re fine.”

Defending his relationship with his spouse of nearly 10 years, Joey continued, “When you”re on top, people try to knock you down. Things start to get above, “Let”s make something up, let”s screw with the media, let”s throw things out there,” you know And that”s how it kind of went down.”

Now that his time with “NSYNC is over, fans may be wondering what the 36-year-old baritone is up to. Currently, you can see him meet homegrown cooks from across the country on his TV show, “My Family Recipe Rocks” on the LiveWell Network.