Joel McHale Lights Up New Taylor Swift “Who Me”

It’s about time Taylor Swift finished with the boys and got herself a real man.
Call us biased, but we were rather delighted to see Joel McHale in the video for her new tune “Who Me”!

In the video, which features Swift marveling over all the good fortune in her life—full rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom, plenty of soda at Taco Bell, etc.—McHale buys the singer an appletini after making eyes at her in a bar.
A few more appletinis later and the Community star and host of The Soup’s where’s-my-thumb trick appears far more impressive to the tipsy Swift.
But you have to watch the video to find out whether McHale holds her hair back or cuts and runs when Swift, who’s apparently a lightweight, tosses her cookies right there in the bar.