Joe Theismann — Kevin Ware’s Gonna Be Fine (I Would Know)

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NFL legend Joe Theismann — famous for suffering one of the gruesomest career-ending injuries in sports history — is optimistic about the recovery of Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware … telling our sources, Kevin”s young enough to make a full comeback.

Theismann says he saw 20-year-old Ware”s injury on TV Sunday night when it happened … Louisville was playing Duke and Ware jumped to block a 3-pointer … but he landed wrong on his foot and snapped his right shinbone through his skin.

Theismann — whose QB career came to an end in 1985 when Lawrence Taylor snapped his leg like a twig during “Monday Night Football” — tells us, “I got sick to my stomach … It brought back a lot of memories that weren”t very pleasant for me.”

But Theismann says Ware”s youth is a huge advantage in recovery … but that”s not all Ware”s got going for him. Watch the video.