Joe Paterno — eBay PULLS Funeral Tickets Over Policy Violation

Don”t count on buying a ticket to Joe Paterno“s funeral on eBay — because the auction site just pulled ALL Paterno funeral ticket listings, claiming the tickets violate one of the website”s policies.

A rep for eBay tells they don”t “allow the sale of tickets to events in which all tickets are free to the public.”

The rep adds, “In accordance with the policy, eBay will not allow the sale of tickets to Joe Paterno”s memorial service.”

Multiple tickets flooded the auction site this morning after they were made available — for free — to the Penn State community.

The bids for the tickets POURED IN. One auction for a pair of passes even reached $99,509 before eBay pulled it.

Paterno”s memorial service is scheduled for this Thursday at Penn State”s 16,000-seat
basketball arena.