Joe Manganiello Talks Arnold Schwarenegger in Men's Health July 2013

Joe Manganiello Talks Arnold Schwarenegger in Men's Health July 2013

With the sixth season of “True Blood” nearing its anticipated premiere, Joe Manganello amp”ed up promotions by covering the July 2013 issue of Men”s Health magazine.

The “Magic Mike” hunk showed off his killer bod for the Patrik Giardino-shot spread while chatting about being on set with actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his workout regime.

Check out a few highlights from Mr. Manganiello”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit to Men”s Health!

On working with Arnold:
“Arnie was a hero to me. He”s the reason why every guy of our generation started going to the gym. To film with him for four months was awesome. And he still trains every morning.”

On Arnie”s muscle advice:
“We had a photoshoot for the movie poster. I was wearing a sleeveless top, crossing my arms and flexing. Arnold came in and said, “I see you”re flexing your biceps. Don”t do that. Keep it loose and with crossed arms put the other hand back to push the muscle forward- you”ll get an extra three inches.”

On working out for parts:
“My first season of “True Blood” was about cutting down my mass – getting more ripped. Then it was more about leveling out the physical symmetry. When making the film with Schwarzenegger, I went through a power lifting phase – I put on 20 pounds, so my body weight was up to 249 pounds. Now, I want to be a great athlete. It”s about becoming stronger, fitter and faster.”