Joe & Kevin Jonas: Pool PDA With Their Ladies!

Joe & Kevin Jonas: Pool PDA With Their Ladies!

Theyre known for their wholesome image and clean cut persona, however Joe and Kevin Jonas were all about canoodling with their respective mates while swimming in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil today (March 12).

Kevin was joined by his wife Danielle Deleasa as he hit the hotel pool to beat the heat, and it wasnt long before they were playing tonsil hockey.

Likewise, Joe and his girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler seemed to be attached at the lips as they floated around in the water.

The Jonas Brothers have been showing plenty of love to their loyal South American fans as of late- theyve been touring all over Brazil ahead of their forthcoming album.

Additionally, Married to Jonas, starring Kevin and Danielle is poised for a second season, with the premiere scheduled for April 21st.