Joe Jonas Visits the Big Apple; Talks New Single "Pom Poms"

Joe Jonas Visits the Big Apple; Talks New Single

After rising early to perform on the “Today Show,” Joe Jonas returned to his hotel in New York City on Thursday (April 18).

The middle JoBro donned a light denim jacket, white button-down shirt, black jeans, and a black hat as he made his way inside.

Recently, the Jonas Brothers dropped their new single, “Pom Poms” – a light-hearted addition to their upcoming album.

Speaking about the tune, Nick explained to MTV, “It”s one of those things I feel like most artists do. They make the whole record and sort of find out the different palette of the tones they have for it and then sort of feel like they are missing a piece and that”s where we were kind of at when we wrote “Pom Poms.” We had a lot of songs that were a bit darker in tone and we needed a brighter song and something that was really just fun and this song just kind of happened. It was toward the end. From the minute we finished it, we felt it was the right song to lead with.”

When asked if they had anyone in mind while writing the son, Joe jokingly said, “Probably Sofia Vergara,” to which Nick added, “That”s a good one. I think we”ll go with that for now.”