Joe Jackson — ABC, 123 … Take This Tax Lien

Exclusive 0629_joe_jackson_tmz
Jackson family patriarch Joe Jackson doesn”t live in Cali anymore … but that”s not stopping the State from coming after him … claiming he still owes tax money, to the piddly tune of $2,700.

According to docs filed by the Golden State”s Franchise Tax Board … Joe needs to cough up exactly $2,719.86 for unpaid taxes in 2010.

Interesting part is … in the docs, Joe”s last known address is listed as the Jackson Compound in Calabasas — where Katherine and Michael Jackson“s kids live. BUT Joe”s been estranged from the family for years (he”s living in Vegas) and has no legal right to the property, which is owned by the Michael Jackson Estate. 

Best of luck Cali.