Joe Bastianich Blogs About Redemption in the Kitchen

 Joe Bastianich (left) and Josh Marks
It”s getting down the wire with only six contestants left on an intense third season of MasterChef. Taking a hard look at this group, we judges could not help but wonder if there might be a few who still deserved to be here.

We decided to throw a major curveball and do something we”ve never done before on the show by giving a huge opportunity to those who”ve recently said goodbye. Giving the last eight contestants to go a chance at redemption was not only something they deserved, but a great way to ensure our top six aren”t getting too cozy.

There sure is no love lost between our home cooks – collectively – and the “flavor elevator” Ryan. Even Mr. Nice Guy Frankie pulled no punches. Ryan isn”t half bad in the kitchen. If he put more energy into his cooking and spent less time coming up with self-congratulatory nicknames, he might just beat them all. What he needs is a real job in a real kitchen – in other words, a good kick in the ass. He should experience starting at the bottom and learn how to take orders as part of a team.

The jury is still out on him in my book. My guess is he”d either tough it out, eat some humble pie and come out of it a more mature and better chef, or he wouldn”t last the first day. I admit egging him on was something I enjoyed immensely. It”s just so easy!

Our mission of the day was accomplished when our top six ended up between a rock and a hard place: No one wanted Ryan back because they can”t stomach him, and no one wanted Josh back because they know he”s one to beat. In the end, it came down to what was on the plate, and with a unanimous victory of 6-0, it was clear the better chef prevailed. Welcome back, Josh!

Becky is right – she should be scared. Josh is likely her biggest competition – not necessarily because he is the best, but because he she can”t play him like she can the others.

Join us next week as we weed out one more hopeful. Having Josh back with a vengeance has intensified the competition, and there”s no telling what lengths to which our final seven will go! Thanks for reading!