Joe and Nick Jonas: Excited about Upcoming Uncle Duties!

Joe and Nick Jonas: Excited about Upcoming Uncle Duties!

Their brother Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle are preparing for the arrival of their first child, and now Joe and Nick are sounding off about becoming uncles.

According to Us Weekly, the Jonas Brothers dished about their upcoming nephew or niece.

“[We”re] very excited,” Joe explained at the Z100″s Clear Channel radio studios in New York City. “I think this is a good time for adding a new member of the family.”

“And you obviously don”t really know what to expect until he or she is actually here but then it will all sink in. You just talk about it, but when we”re actually able to hold the baby, our niece or nephew, that will be exciting,” he added.

Nick sported a fan-given bib that had a message on it that sparked laughter in the studio: “My uncle is hot! And single!”

“I thought that was great,” Kevin said responding to the bib.

The daddy-to-be spoke about his wife going through the changes of pregnancy. “She”s good! You know, the first trimester is always an interesting one. She”s been feeling up and down a lot. But she”s doing a lot better. We”re in good spirits.”

Kevin also commented about Danielle spending most of her time preparing for the nursery of their little one. “She”s really taken care of all of that. I”m really excited about everything and want to help out as much as possible, obviously. But, you know, we”re here on the road working a lot. But I”m just really excited! It”s such a good time.”

In regards to if they”ll reveal the gender to his devote fans, Kevin answered, “We”ll see.”

Kevin and Danielle announced their big news on July 9. They have been married since 2009.