Joan Rivers HANDCUFFS Herself to Shopping Cart in Anti-Costco Protest

Exclusive Video 080712_rivers_launch
Cops were called to an L.A. Costco yesterday — after comedian Joan Rivers HANDCUFFED herself to a shopping cart during a one-woman protest against the wholesale store … comparing the place to “Nazi Germany” … and we got video of the entire debacle.

our sources broke the story … Joan claims Costco banned her new book “I Hate Everything … Starting with Me” because of several racy jokes on the back cover — so yesterday, she staged a protest in Burbank against what she called unjust censorship.

Joan yelled into a bullhorn, “Costco should not be like Nazi Germany. Next thing they”ll be burning the bible.”

Joan then walked into the store and handcuffed herself to a random woman”s shopping cart, where she continued to scream. Costco management called the cops, who then asked Joan to leave — which she did. And that was that.

But the footage is hilarious. Even the cops can”t help but laugh.