Jimmy Kimmel Roasted at Variety??s Power of Comedy Gala

Jimmy Kimmel Roasted at Variety??s Power of Comedy Gala

Attending Varietys Power of Comedy gala on Saturday (November 16), talk show host Jimmy Kimmel joined the madness in order to benefit the Noreen Fraser Foundation.

A wide array of comics, such as Adam Carolla, Joel McHale and Aziz Ansari honored latenight star at Avalon Hollywood. Jeffrey Ross roasted Kimmel with lines like in your honor we have some of the funniest and most respected comedians that where available on a Saturday night also saying, Jimmys been in a lot of hot water lately. But enough about Oprahs hot tub.

The event featured comedy stars including Adam Scott, Will Arnett, David Spade and Paul Sheer, as well as videos from big Hollywood names such as Ben Affleck, Robin Williams and Sarah Silverman.

However, the night ultimately took a serious turn, focusing on the combating of cancer. I dont believe in the cure; Im sick of hearing about the cure and I hate pink, said Noreen Fraser, founder and CEO of her eponymous organization that raises funds for womens cancer research.

Currently battling breast cancer herself, Noreen continued, There is probably not going to be a cure, but putting money into research is going to find…new, less toxic treatments in drugs that will allow a person who is taking the medicine to have a good quality of life that will turn the cancer into a manageable disease, much like diabetes. It is going to become a disease that you can live with.