Jimmy Kimmel Presides Over Matt Damon??s Vow Renewal

Jimmy Kimmel Presides Over Matt Damon??s Vow Renewal

Hes a man of many talents, and Jimmy Kimmel served as the officiant for Matt and Luciana Damons vow renewal this weekend.

The late night host traveled to St. Lucia for the blessed occasion and performed the ceremony at sunset on Saturday night (April 13).

As for the guest list, stars like Robert DeNiro, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Casey Affleck, and Don Cheadle were among the 50 spectators.

An insider told press, “It was a very family-oriented and happy celebration. Many guests brought their children (although Ben and Jen did not). After the ceremony, guests enjoyed an evening cocktail reception on the beach. Children were running around and playing with white parasols.”

“It was a beautiful and relaxing weekend for guests. Matt and Luci went all out. Guests were flown in to the tropical island via private jets and were treated like royalty. Everyone enjoyed the sun and water activities, including snorkeling and paddle boarding. Guests were also treated to local, gourmet food and drinks.”