Jimmy Fallon Talks Jay Leno, ??Tonight Show? Transition

Jimmy Fallon Talks Jay Leno, ??Tonight Show? Transition

From Saturday Night Live to Late Night, Jimmy Fallon has proven himself as an entertainer of the highest order.

And during his interview with Today, Fallon revealed that hes already been talking with Jay Leno about his upcoming promotion to host of The Tonight Show.

Jimmy noted, ” Jay Leno has just been awesome to me. I”ve talked to him all the time since I started. [I said,] “Don”t think I”m trying to take over. Whenever you”re ready to go” And he just called me one day, and he said, “I think the time”s coming and I think you”d be great,” which was very nice.”

As for finally taking the reins from Leno, Fallon confessed, “It”s a little nerve-wracking but exciting to step into his shoes. I hope I”ll make him proud.”

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