Jimmy Fallon Talks Hosting "The Tonight Show" in GQ's April 2013 Issue

Jimmy Fallon Talks Hosting

Stepping away from his “Late Night” desk, Jimmy Fallon scored the cover spot on GQ magazine”s April 2013 Style Bible.

The 38-year-old comedian rocked Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren for the Peggy Sirota-shot spread while chatting about everything working with Stephen Colbert to taking Jay Leno”s spot on “The Tonight Show.”

Check out a few highlights from Mr. Fallon”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit GQ!

On standing out from the rest of the kids in the neighborhood:
“Yeah, the cool crowd was always beyond my grasp. Like, my parents had a fence, a chain-link fence, and my sister and I were not allowed outside it. I was only allowed to ride my back in my backyard. Like Gus the polar bear at the zoo That was me. Kids would say, “What are you doing, man Come out.” I was like, “I can”t.” We got a rope swing. On a tree. We had to wear football helmets to ride the swing. Kids could see us. They would pull up on their bikes so they could watch the Fallon kids, so weird. You know, “Why are you wearing football helmets” We”re like, “So we don”t hit our heads!””

On the possibility of hosting “The Tonight Show”:
“I mean, in the nicest way, who really cares In the nicest way. It would be great, sure, I guess. I”d love it, but it”s not on my mind. I”m in no rush to do anything. I”m kind of a boring character in that book. I”m not in a fight with Jay or Conan, or any of them. I don”t have that story.”

On the experience he tries to offer for viewers of “Late Night”:
On Late Night, its like were all in on the joke. Thats what I wanted it to be. Im not doing something sneaky. Inside jokes, I dont like those. We can all ride together, and everyones on the same thing going, Aha, I know where youre going here. And if we get weird, everyone knows, Okay, well go for that little ride of being weird. Or if I go, okay, Im going to try to be Neil Young and sing Pants on the Ground. Were all just going to ride it out, laugh, and were going to be like, This is so silly, but its happening. Itsa happening. Thats such a 60s word. But thats what it is. Its intimate and were all having the same experience. A happening.

On collaborating with Colbert:
And Colbert, by the way, is so underrated to me I dont even know. Can you even understand hes doing a character for how many years now This is unheard of in comedy. Hes doing something that people will talk about forever. We did a whole bit where we were BFFs, and we became enemies and we hated each other. And then we sang Fievel the mouse, Somewhere Out There. Looking out the window, remembering that we were best friends. Such a smart guy. I love him so much. Hes one of my favorite guys to play with.

On his “SNL” laughing habit:
Definitely a comedy foul. Lorne didnt like it. I didnt like it. But the sketches I laughed in became popular. At the end, it was like the audience was waiting. The studio started to shake. Like an earthquake. I couldnt hold it in anymore. Torture.