Jimmy Fallon Honors 44th Anniversary of ??Sesame Street? on ??Late Night?

Jimmy Fallon Honors 44th Anniversary of ??Sesame Street? on ??Late Night?

Its every kids favorite show, and Sesame Street got a big shout out on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night (September 25).

Fallon and his house band The Roots gathered up their classroom instruments and did a fabulous cover of the hit television programs much-beloved theme song.

And of course, Jimmy invited some of the cuddly characters from Sesame Street along to help with the vocal duties.

The Roots Black Thought even penned a rhyme to go along with the tribute-

OK, you heard about, through word of mouth
Big Bird is out, he”s in the house
He”s turnin” up, with Snuffleup
They”re really gettin” their hustle up
They stick together like Velcro
There Grover go, there”s Elmo
And Cookie Monster there, look he likes
To take selfies with his cell phone
They got a homegirl named Abby
Her last name is Cadabby
I showed her my report card
She said, [Abby: Not too shabby!]
They got all types of cool kids there
It”s lots of fun if you live there
One thing I keep forgettin” about Sesame Street…
How do you get there”