Jim Jones Calls BS on Suspended License Rap

Jim Jones claims he DOESN”T have a suspended driver”s license in New York … insisting cops made a big boo boo by arresting him earlier today.

A rep for the rapper tells our sources … Jim is adamant there must have been a mistake in the computer system … simply stating, “Jim does not have a suspended license.”

The rep says Jim”s lawyers have already been dispatched to remedy the situation.

The worst part … Jim claims he was originally sitting in the PASSENGER seat of the car … when his driver stopped in front of a store to pick up a few items.  Jim claims cops approached him and told him to move the car … so he did … and shortly after Jim got in the driver”s seat, he was pulled over. During the stop, cops were informed he had a suspended license … and took him into custody.

Still, the rep tells us … the cops were “very cool and respectable” during the incident … and adds, “It”ll all be thrown out.”

It”s the 2nd time Jim has been arrested in 3 days … as we previously reported Jones was cuffed following a massive brawl at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods Friday night.