Jim Carrey Flies Solo at the Movies

Jim Carrey Flies Solo at the Movies

Looking for a little quality alone time, Jim Carrey hit up the ArcLight Hollywood movie theater on Tuesday evening (August 6).

The Bruce Almighty star sported a side-swept Bieber-esque coif and cheesy smile as he strolled out of the cinema all by his lonesome.

And while Jims derogatory comments about Kick-Ass 2 may have angered studio bosses, the films writer Mark Millar doesnt seem to mind at all.

Millar told press, “People keep saying to me, “Are you pissed off at Jim Carrey” No, I”m delighted with Jim Carrey, this is amazing. For your main actor to publicly say, “This movie is too violent for me” is like saying, “This porno has too much nudity. We”ll have to go and see this now.

“Universal figured that we probably got about $30 million of mainstream publicity because of it. A movie like Kick-Ass doesn”t normally get into the mainstream news, we”ll get into cult or movie news. But it”s weird that we were talked about for 20 minutes on Good Morning America and British television. It was all down to Jim Carrey.”