Jillian Michaels — ‘I Guess I Need Cara to Train Me’ … ‘Biggest Loser’ Star Hits Back At Co-Star After Triathlon Diss

Exclusive 091613_jillian_michaels_launchMore smack talk in the war between two former “Biggest Loser” co-stars — this time Jillian Michaels is firing back at Cara Castronuova with some good ol” fashioned venom-laced sarcasm.

We broke the story … Cara — who was a trainer on the show — ripped Jillian apart over Michaels” poor showing at the Malibu triathlon earlier this month, calling her an embarrassment.

This weekend, Michaels returned to Malibu — where she offered up some brand new excuses for her abysmal showing (bad wet suit, bike problems, a horse) and vowed to do better in the race next year.

Then, it was open season on Cara.

Check out the clip — we”re guessing these two ain”t opening a gym together anytime soon.