Jillian Michaels — Burglary Victim and Now Bentley-Less.

Jillian Michaels
lost about 2 tons Tuesday — someone burglarized her home and stole her Bentley … our sources has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell our sources … Jillian woke up Tuesday morning and noticed some personal items — including her car keys — were missing.  She walked outside, only to find that her extremely expensive whip had vanished.

Jillian filed a police report and later that day, cops spotted someone driving the stolen car.  The driver took off and in his haste ran smack into a light pole.  The dude was arrested for driving a stolen car.  We”re told he”s also the numero uno suspect in the burglary.

As for the Bentley — it”s nothing Jillian can”t work out.