Jessica Simpson s Pregnancy: Is It Rubbing Off on Pals?

Jessica Simpson and Cacee Cobb
She got engaged a few months before Jessica Simpson, and now Cacee Cobb, fiancée of former Scrubs star Donald Faison, wishes she had a baby bump to match her friend”s!
“All my friends are having kids right now and it”s kind of like you want to have your babies at the same time,” Cobb, Simpson”s personal assistant-turned-best friend, tells us.  “I can”t imagine my kids not growing up with Jessica”s kids.”
What about a wedding first “I”d rather skip the wedding and start having kids,” Cobb, who got engaged in August, jokes at the TV Land premiere party for Faison”s new sitcom The Exes.
For now, she”s content making plans for Simpson”s bundle of joy.  “We haven”t had a baby shower for Jessica,” she says, squelching rumors of a star-studded event Nov. 21.  “But when we do have it, it”s going to be great.”