Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson Jet Out of LAX

Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson Jet Out of LAX

Taking some time away from their kiddos, Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson caught a flight at LAX International Airport on Sunday evening (October 13).

The betrothed couple seemed to be in good spirits as they walked arm-in-arm past a few shutterbugs, with Eric sporting a fatherly beard while Jessica toted an oversized black handbag.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that Jessica is in a bit of a skirmish with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen over their respective fashion empires.

According to an insider, Mary-Kate and Ashley believe Jessicas fashions are low rent. They think she has little fashion sense and caters to the lowest common denomi­nator just to make a buck.

Mary-Kate and Ashley are regulars at all the fashion shows in New York, Paris, London and Milan, and dress way ahead of the curve. To them Jessica is flogging flannel and burlap to banjo pickers. They think her Daisy Duke view of fashion is anything that will bring in a dollar. On the other hand, they have their fingers on the pulse of fashion worldwide and work hard at creating sophisticated designs.