Jessica Pare Covers Los Angeles Confidential's Spring 2013 Issue

Jessica Pare Covers Los Angeles Confidential's Spring 2013 Issue

The season six premiere of her hit series “Mad Men” is quickly approaching, and Jessica Pare pitched in on promotions by covering the Spring 2013 issue of Los Angeles Confidential

After striking a few poses for Brian Bowen Smith, the 30-year-old actress chatted with the magazine about everything from her fame to spilling show secrets to her pals.

“I didn”t tell my best friend or parents that I was engaged to Don Draper. They found out about it like the rest of the viewers,” Miss Pare explains.

Meanwhile, when Jessica is out in public she admits that it”s still a shock to get recognized. “My friends and the people I work with actually think it”s kind of hilarious when I get recognized, because I”m far more excited than the other person. At first it”s like, “You”re on that show Mad Men…” [To which I replay,] I know! Isn”t it crazy I get mocked a little bit, but I do feel that way,” she laughs.

In regards to life before “Mad Men,” the brunette beauty reveals, “I think it”s helped me that I have a level of sort of self-delusion. As actors we kind of need to believe that there”s something out there for you and you can just keep plugging away. And if you”re not right for the part, it doesn”t mean that you”re a bad actor. It just means you”re not right for that [part].”

For more on Miss Pare”s interview, be sure to visit Los Angeles Confidential and catch her on the small screen April 7th at 9 ET!