Jessica Biel: Morning Stroll in Paris

Jessica Biel: Morning Stroll in Paris

Kicking off her day with some fresh air and exercise, Jessica Biel showed up on the streets of Paris, France this morning (February 26).

Joined by a female friend, the 7th Heaven hottie stayed warm with a grey coat and matching knit hat as she fumbled through her designer handbag.

Jessica recently told press that ever since tying the knot with Justin Timberlake back in October of 2012, shes been more confident and willing to take risks.

“I definitely think any woman changes after she gets married. I feel like she feels more secure and safe on the planet having found her partner. It`s not should I do this or should I do this It`s like Okay, great!

It feels like nothing`s changed, and yet, everything`s changed. It`s like that intangible thing, you can`t quite put your finger on it. But I guess the idea of having a sort-of partner in crime, and the word husband is pretty amazing.