Jessica Alba Says ??Good Morning America?

Jessica Alba Says ??Good Morning America?

Kicking off her day with some early promotional duties, Jessica Alba

The Fantastic Four starlet looked to be in good spirits, sporting a long black jacket over top her green dress, as she braved the rainy conditions on her way to Good Morning America.

Last night (March 11) Jessica hit up the swanky Russian Tea Room for some delicious eats with a few good friends.

Jessica is in New York City this week to promote her brand new book The Honest Life, and in her new interview for Latina magazine she explains how she got started down the Honest Company road.

Its really hard to find baby products that use non-toxic chemicals that moms can trust. Major corporate brands that label their products eco-friendly or non-toxic are usually referring to the way they make their packaging, not their product.

She continued, I came up with the idea. I had to pitch it to my partners and they came on board and together we created the company from scratch. From the packaging to the bottles to the product thats inside, the way that the interfacing is with the website, all of that is really from me its taken three years to get here.