Jesse Ventura SUPPORTS Navy SEAL Tell-All — ‘We Deserve to Know’

exclusive 091312_jesse_ventura_launch
Jesse Ventura is throwing his support behind the ex-Navy SEAL who wrote the tell-all book about the killing of Osama Bin Laden … telling our sources, “We deserve to know.”

Ventura — a former Navy SEAL and Gov. of Minnesota — was out in NYC yesterday when we asked him about U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta threatening to punish “Mark Owen” over his book “No Easy Day.”

“I don”t have a problem with it ” Ventura says … “It”s over. We deserve to know … our tax dollars pay for this … we have every right tio know what we pay taxes on.”

He continued, “Once the operation is over, you”re not compromising anything then.”

“I”m glad he did it … I”d like to hear from boots on the ground instead of politicians in Washington.”