Jesse Jackson Jr. — The Michael Jackson Interrogation

Exclusive 022113_jesse_jackson_launch
It might be the most brilliant line of questioning of 2013 … a our sources photog went face-to-face with Jesse Jackson Jr. and demanded to know why he blew his stolen campaign money on a Michael Jackson fedora … AND NOT A MICHAEL JACKSON GLOVE

And then the follow up … DID YOU AT LEAST GET TO WEAR THE FEDORA

Of course, JJJ just plead guilty to fraud … after stealing $750,000 from his campaign to support a lavish, over-the-top lifestyle. Jesse admitted he spent the cash on things like fur capes, a mounted elk head, and a fedora once owned by Michael Jackson.

Jesse was out in D.C. yesterday, so we figured it was finally time to get some answers to the important questions. You gotta see this …