'Jersey Shore' — The Situation Slapped With Lawsuit By Serious Pimp

The Situation
It”s not often that a pimp gets screwed, but that”s exactly what happened if you believe Serious Pimp apparel, which claims The Situation defrauded the company out of tens of thousands of bucks.

has learned … Serious Pimp is slapping The Sitch with a lawsuit today, claiming the “Jersey Shore” star made a deal with the company — he would get a $25,000 advance in return for promoting a line of t-shirts on the show, Facebook, Twitter and various other places. 

According to the lawsuit, The Sitch and his brother had the right to approve the t-shirt designs, but they never said yea or nay.  They simply disappeared — allegedly — and never returned the dough.

Serious Pimp planned on co-partnering with The Situation, hoping to make a bundle on the shirts, so they claim the greasy defendant should not only return the advance, the company wants lost profits as well.

BTW … Snoop Dogg endorses some of Serious Pimps” products.

A rep for Situation”s company MPS Entertainment tells , all terms of the contract with Serious Pimp were completed and there is nothing further to discuss.