‘Jersey Shore’ Star Deena — FURY at Boob-Flashing Look-alike at Mardi Gras

Exclusive 0212_mardi_gra_deena_tmz3
from “Jersey Shore” says she”s NOT a Mardi Gras booby flasher — and claims she”s getting a bad rap thanks to a sluttier doppelganger who looks just like her.

our sources obtained video of a girl — who looks EXACTLY like Deena — partying her face off, lifting up her shirt and flashing her boobs down in New Orleans this week … and people who witnessed the event first hand were convinced they were observing authentic MTV tatas.

But the REAL Deena tells our sources it”s not what it seems …  explaining, “I”m in Jersey right now … plus if I were down in Mardi Gras I would NOT be showing off my boobs or any of my goods.”

She continues, “I”ve been trying to work on changing my image especially since I want to be casted on “Dancing with the Stars.” I get imitation is a form of flattery but this is definitely not the imitation I can ever hope for.”

Fine. No beads for you.