Jerry Buss Told Young Girlfriend … KEEP QUIET!!!!

Exclusive 0328-jerry-buss-delia-tmzThe woman who scored an expensive condo, Bentley AND MORE from deceased L.A. Lakers owner Jerry Buss had clear instructions from the mogul — KEEP QUIET about the relationship.
Delia Cortez tells our sources … she started dating Jerry “years ago” when she lived in Marina del Rey, CA … a beachside community in L.A.. When the relationship got hot and heavy, she says Jerry moved her to Honolulu, Hawaii to keep things on the down low, and bought her a condo and a 2009 convertible Bentley.  

Delia, who”s in her late 20s, says she knew all along … Jerry, who died at 80, had multiple, young girlfriends. Jerry was famously a player in L.A., but Delia says she was his #1. Delia ungenerously added, “The others were just slutty arm candy.”

Delia tells our sources … in addition to giving her the condo and the Bentley in his will, Jerry also left her a large amount of money, though she would not disclose the amount and how she got it — through the will or otherwise.

Delia says Jerry secured her future and says she loved him.