Jermaine Jones — Dear ‘Idol’ Rejects … Don’t Use Me in Legal War!!!

Exclusive 0201_jermaine_jones_Article_getty_2Former “American Idol” contestant Jermaine Jones has a message for the “Idol” castoffs threatening to sue the show for racism — keep his name THE HELL OUT OF IT!!

Jermaine — who was disqualified from “A.I.” back in March 2012 for outstanding arrest warrants — tells our sources … he is “offended” his name was cited in the current legal battle brewing between the reality show and several former contestants.

our sources broke the story … nine African-American ex-contestants are threatening to sue the show, claiming “A.I.” honchos are targeting black contestants for disqualification … by using illegal background checks.

In legal docs … the lawyer for the “Idol 9” cited Jermaine”s premature elimination — which only happened after a background check revealed his prior arrests — as a catalyst for the planned lawsuit.

But Jermaine tells us … “I am offended they tried to paint me as a victim of discrimination.”

He continues, “I appreciate the experience from “Idol” and embraced the good and bad from it.”

Jermaine believes the “Idol 9” are using him for publicity — but he adds, “I have moved on with my life … and have not authorized them to include me in the accusations.”