Jermaine Jackson — Proud Ferrari Owner Has Wages Garnished for Child Support

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The very day Jermaine Jackson became the owner of a $160,000, 2011 Ferrari California … he had his wages garnished because he was behind on his child support … our sources has learned.

According to official documents … Jermaine”s baby mama, Alejandra Jackson, obtained an order which allowed the government to withhold $3,750 from his wages. 

Alejandra — who has had recurring problems getting child support from Jermaine — got the order after he fell behind.  The breakdown of the $3,750 — $3,000 for monthly support, and $750 for past due.

The garnishment order allows the government to garnish future wages as well to cover the $3,000 a month. 

As we first reported … Katherine Jackson is pissed off at Jermaine for dropping $70k in cash (he traded in his Rolls-Royce for $90k) when he couldn”t pay his bills.