Jeremy Shockey Sues Miami Landlord — Give Back My Rent Money!!!

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NFL castaway Jeremy Shockey — who once signed a $26 million contract with the Giants — is now locked in a legal battle with a Miami landlord … over $16,000 … our sources has learned.

Shockey filed a lawsuit against the landlord of a $14,000-a-month Miami beach mansion — where he lived for ONE MONTH last summer — claiming she”s holding his security deposit hostage for no good reason.

Shockey claims he paid the landlord one month”s rent, plus a substantial security deposit … but when he moved out, she refused to return $16,000 he”s owed. 

Shockey claims he left the place in perfectly acceptable condition … so the landlord”s got no leg to stand on. Now, he”s suing for $16,000 plus interest.

Calls to the landlord weren”t returned.