Jenny McCarthy Shows Us a Slip-of-the-Tongue on "The View"

Jenny McCarthy Shows Us a Slip-of-the-Tongue on

Stepping it up for Halloween this year, hosts of “The View” took dress up to whole new levels. Jenny McCarthy showed up as Miley Cyrus” tongue and Barbara Walters went as Katy Perry from her Roar video.

The ever-rambunctious Whoopi Goldberg came in as Mandarin from “Iron Man 3,” Sherri Shepherd was Khaleesi from Game of Thrones, and guest Mario Cantone was Justin Bieber.

Barbara, as the 29-year-old pop beauty, could barely speak through her enchanting golden grills, and Mario showed off his Bieber-booty, sporting red boxer-briefs and sagging pants.

The show”s audience was more than into the hosts” antics, and some of them even showed up in costumes of their own. Watch the video and see for yourself!