Jennifer Lopez — The German Maid is LYING … I Didn’t Get Her Fired!

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Jennifer Lopez is calling BS on a German maid who claims the singer got her FIRED for asking for an autograph … insisting the cleaning lady is trashing her for NO REASON. 

J.Lo is pissed over a story that originated in a German tabloid … in which the maid says she tried to approach the singer”s assistants while they were staying at a fancy German hotel last month and asked for Jennifer”s signature. The maid claims the singer complained to management and she was fired the next day.

Now, Lopez lashing back … saying, “C”mon thought you knew me better than this.. Would never get anyone fired over an autograph.”

Sources close to Lopez tell our sources … there WAS an incident involving a maid, but it didn”t involve an autograph. We”re told the maid had “barged” into the room unannounced … and the singer”s security immediately gave her the boot out of concern for the singer”s safety.

We’re told hotel management has since assured Lopez’s people that no one was fired — but the maid company the hotel uses has relocated the maid in question to a different property.

A rep for J.Lo tells our sources … “Jennifer always goes out of her way to meet and greet fans as evidenced by her recent tweet 2 meet engagements backstage, as well as stopping to sign autographs and say hello to hotel staff.”