Jennifer Lopez Talks Fashion in Redbook September 2013

Jennifer Lopez Talks Fashion in Redbook September 2013

She”s known for her keen sense of fashion, and now Jennifer Lopez is revealing her secrets to rocking various ensembles.

During her Q&A session with Redbook, the “Ain”t It Funny” songstress chats about her favorite go-to article of clothing and even offers up advice to the readers of all ages on how to stand out.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Lopez”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Redbook!

On sticking with comfortable clothing:
“With Jennifer Lopez for Kohls weve been mixing materials, like t-shirts with a lot of the chiffon, focusing on the softness of it. I love things to feel easy. I feel like in my job I always have to wear stuff that, if Im acting in a movie or if Im doing a video or on stage its always this stuff thats kind of holding me together or needs to look a certain away. You suffer for that. I have bruises on my body from shooting a video the other day in a feathered corset.”

On ignoring age when it comes to fashion:
“I dont care who thinks Im not the right age for something. Right now, Im in love with leather pants! If you have the legs for a short skirt and can pull it off, do it. When it doesnt feel right to you anymore, youll know its time to stop.”

On her golden rule of fashion:
“If youre showing a lot of leg, dont do cleavage. If your dress is tight, it shouldnt be short. You cross the line into trashy when you reveal a lot.”