Jennifer Lopez Becomes Latest Celeb Under Fire

Jennifer Lopez Becomes Latest Celeb Under Fire

It seems as though each day a new celebrity is under fire for their actions, and now Jennifer Lopez is the latest to receive backlash for a performance she gave in Turkmenistan on Saturday (June 29).

JLo was on hand for the countrys leader Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedovs birthday celebration, where she did a set of her hits before singing Happy Birthday to the man who is considered to be one of the most oppressive leaders in the world by Human Rights Watch.

A spokesperson for Ms. Lopez issued a statement saying that Jennifer never would have agreed to sing at the event had she known about Berdymukhamedovs history of human rights violations.

Check out the official statement from the singers camp below:

Jennifer Lopez and several other artists were invited and performed at a private corporate event for the China National Petroleum Corporation that was presented to their local executives in Turkmenistan.

This was not a government sponsored event or political in nature. The event was vetted by her representatives, had there been knowledge of human right issues of any kind, Jennifer would not have attended.

The China National Petroleum Corporation made a last minute birthday greeting request prior to Jennifer taking the stage. This was not stipulated in her contract but she graciously obliged the China National Petroleum Corporation request.