Jennifer Lawrence??s Stalker: Behind Bars

Jennifer Lawrence??s Stalker: Behind Bars

One of the drawbacks to fame is the whole stalker issue, though Jennifer Lawrence can breathe a little easier these days.

This past Friday (May 24) the man accused of harassing the Hunger Games hottie was arrested and charged with interstate stalking and repeated harassing phone communications.

Zhao Han Cong of Vancouver, British Columbia is currently being held until authorities are able to perform a psychiatric examination to determine if he is capable of participating in his case.

Cong allegedly contacted Jennifers brother Blaine Lawrence over 200 times via phone calls, text messages, and emails, claiming that he needed to find Jennifer and protect her. Hes also told police hes the second coming of Jesus Christ.

One message stated, “Either I find out, or you come and see me, okay You got me really upset. When I”m, when I”m upset, let”s see what happens, alright”