Jennifer Lawrence’s Adorable Reaction Photo To Her Oscar Nomination Proves She’s A Normal Person

This photo of The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence keeps popping up on Twitter and Tumblr, and we couldn’t resist posting it. This past January, Jennifer co-presented the 2012 Oscar nominations, looking radiant despite the early taping in a blue dress and her brown Katniss Everdeen hair. But about a year ago, Jennifer was blonde and a lot less composed, in the above photo that someone snapped when she and her family learned that she had been nominated as Best Actress for the indie drama Winter’s Bone. (The film that, no doubt, landed her the equally vulnerable-but-strong-willed role of Katniss.)

The photo has been getting reblogged over Tumblr fansites because of Rolling Stone‘s upcoming profile on Jennifer, in the April issue that went on sale on March 30th. On the Rolling Stone website there’s currently an incredibly entertaining excerpt about Jennifer, but no caption for the photo. Thankfully, fan suicideblonde copied down another excerpt from the print magazine:

On the morning the Oscar nominations were announced, someone snapped a photo of her and her family just as her name was being read. The look on her face, she said, was “like I’m being sent off to jail.” Zoe Kravitz says she loved teasing her “‘You’re up against Natalie Portman; you don’t stand a chance!’ and she’d go ‘You’re right! I don’t!’” (Lenny said he did catch her in the library at his house in Paris, though, holding one of his Grammys and giving a practice acceptance speech.)

Even though “where were you when you heard the news?” is one of the most common questions in the lead-up to awards shows, often you don’t actually get to witness the nominees’ reactions. And even when they do open up about it, it’s as if they’re all reading from the same script: “Oh, I was asleep and I got the call in the middle of the night! It was so exciting.” Boring.

However, there are a few notable exceptions of real-time reactions. This past awards season, for instance, Jessica Chastain got the phone call that she’d been nominated for an Oscar for The Help while at a fashion show, and everyone gave her a standing ovation. Another reaction, caught on video, was when Melissa McCarthy helped read off the Emmy nominations and had trouble breathing when her name was called for Best Leading Actress for Mike and Molly.

Still, I’m gonna vote Jennifer for the most authentic reaction, from her unwashed hair and her face about to break into tears to her pajamas-and-slippers ensemble. I don’t believe that this is some orchestrated normal-girl image her people are trying to brainwash us into believing, like Taylor Swift‘s fake “surprise” face. We’re being treated to this rare, candid moment because Jennifer Lawrence is just that humble.