Jennifer Lawrence Without Make-Up Looks Like Some Girl You Met In High School

Is that Jennifer Lawrence without make-up on or is that your lab partner from high school? It’s hard to tell in this photo because Jennifer Lawrence looks so normal that it might not even be her. It could be your lab partner or your friend’s mute roommate from freshman year or your childhood dog sitter.

Or it could really be Jennifer Lawrence, the star of The Hunger Games, who will now forever have to smile politely when people call her Katniss and ask if she’s hungry. She’ll have to giggle at  the “Did Cinna pick out your outfit jokes” and chuckle when someone says, “does this dress set on fire?” She’ll have to smile coyly when she’s asked if she’s Team Peeta or Team Gale and finally she’ll have to prepare for these kinds of photos for the rest of her life.

She’s famous now which means we only care about three things: who’s she dating, if she’s lost weight and why she’s not wearing make-up.