Jennifer Lawrence Talks ??Weird Job? on ??Nightline?

Jennifer Lawrence Talks ??Weird Job? on ??Nightline?

Shes been all over the place this awards show season, and Jennifer Lawrence discussed her crazy career on an Oscars edition of Nightline.

The Winters Bone babe confessed that she tries not to take herself too seriously to avoid getting a bloated ego in Tinseltown.

I just have a very weird job, and if I just remind myself of that, that its nothing more than that, then I dont start thinking that its more dramatic, she noted.

When she was discovered by a talent agent at age fourteen, Miss Lawrence knew it was meant to be. It was the first time in my entire life that I felt like I 100% was made for something, and that I could be good at something, and that I understood something, because I spent so many years being lost in school and feeling stupid.

Jen also mentioned that shes not likely to turn into a party animal as a result of her fame. I dont have the stomach for getting really wasted. Four drinks- Im barfing.