Jennifer Hudson Takes On "Good Morning America"

Jennifer Hudson Takes On

Stepping out for some promotional duties, Jennifer Hudson headed over to ABC Studios in Times Square, NYC this morning (September 5).

The Dreamgirls actress was in the house to plug her forthcoming film Winnie Mandela about the heroic wife of South African President Nelson Mandela.

Hudson noted that in order to get into the mindset of her character in prison, she decided to confine herself to the jail set for extended periods of time.

It was obviously very very draining and very emotional. I just couldnt help but to think of Winnie and the fact that she really went through that.

Being in there, I wanted to have the scenes shot back-to-back in solitary confinement so I could feel as closely to whatever she may have felt during the 300-500 days, though four days is no comparison at all. But I was overwhelmed!