Jennifer Hudson Fronts Manhattan October 2013

Jennifer Hudson Fronts Manhattan October 2013

Her new biopic Winnie Mandela opens in theaters nationwide today (September 6), and Jennifer Hudson garnered herself a little added exposure by covering the October 2013 issue of Manhattan magazine.

While donning designer garb from Burberry and Versace for the Gomillion & Leupold-shot spread, the Dreamgirls beauty opened up about her admiration for President of the United States Barak Obama and spilled details about her upcoming album.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Hudsons interview below. For more, be sure to visit Manhattan!

On the President:
Obama is so hands-on and aware. Hell tell stories off the top of his head about people whove written to him with their health issues, and hell remember their names and every detail. He cares enough to know.

On Winnie Mandela:
It was intimidating to play Winnie after seeing how much she means to the people. To some shes an angel and to some shes Satan, but either way, woo! The strength that woman possesses is amazing. We put so much into the story, and it took a lot out of us.

On The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete:
It terrified me to play that part [of a heroin addict] because I had no reference point. Im 31 and Ive never, ever, ever had a drink or done a drug in my entire life. I stick with Diet Coke and Crystal Light and water.

On her upcoming album:
Should I give away the title Lets just say youre gonna get Jennifer-ized!