Jennifer Hudson Channels Kerry Washington's "Scandal" Character for Obamacare Spoof

Jennifer Hudson Channels Kerry Washington's

Showing fans her funny side, Jennifer Hudson starred in Funny or Die”s “Scandal” spoof.

In an effort to get the word out about the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, the 32-year-old singer/actress portrayed a version of Kerry Washington”s “Olivia Pope” in the commercial parody titled “Scandalous.”

While dressed as the crisis manager character, Miss Hudson met with a government agent type man who asks if she”s a “fixer.”

Although she stated that she preferred to be known as a “covert scandal manager,” the unnamed agent says, “Oh yeah, fixer Well, see if you can fix this problem, fixee But I”m warning you, fixeroni, this one”s a real fixer upper.”

After receiving the details, Miss Hudson – who goes by Lydia Cole in the parody – meets with others who ask for her help to find the “scandal” behind Obamacare.

The parody provided pros and cons to the new bill, which included young adults remain under their parent”s insurance until they”re 26-years-old and some insurance plans unable to pay for mammograms.

In the last scene of the clip, Jennifer meets up with a politician whose mistress is unfortunately pregnant and doesn”t have health insurance. She instructs him to sign the mistress up for open enrollment in government exchange, which is ran by the ACA.